About Me

A minimalist that loves dogs but didn’t have one!

A Software Engineer that loves Electronic Engineering

I used to study Electronics in my bachelor degree and I loved the way that.

You may find lots of contradictions here, just like my real life.

A Place For Writing My Notes

If you are looking for a blog or somewhere to continuously learn about software engineering or even electronics, you are in a wrong place! This address that you are browsing isn’t even a blog, it’s just a place to write some notes about every thing that turns me on.

It’s All Started From Restroom

I was sitting in the restroom, just thinking about the blog name and suddenly, I came up with a combination of two words that means a lot to me:

Free + Geeks = Freeks

It didn’t mean anything (at the time), but it meant every thing to me!

If you insist that it has a meaning, you are free to go and have look at this link